Fanta Battles
Fight for your favourite flavour!
For the 2018 new Fanta flavour launch, we wanted to keep on building in our social by heart strategy. So instead of letting the brand decide on their own what flavour they should launch into the Belgium market, we gave the power to Fanta’s fans to decide which flavour should be produced. We created the Fanta Battles! A live battle competition lead by well-known Belgian influencers. 

Using an 80’s pixel art style we created a series of virtual games that could be played by Fanta fans, using Facebook Live technology. 

During the competition, fans had the chance to help their favorite flavour win the battles and become the 2018 brand new Fanta flavour.
Fanta Battles!
Competition tutorial

Battle 1
Battle 2
Battle 3
Live battle on Facebook platform

Agency: Ogilvy  Social.Lab Brussels
Client: Fanta Belgium
Creative director:  Juanma Bonastre
Copywriter:  Raph Allegro
Art directors: Luca Divosi & Laura Van Aerschot
Motion designers: Fabian de Smet & Hugo El Koubi
Creative developer: Antoine Snyers
Pixel Artist: Rgznsk

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